We are the Mystery

Silence surrounds
real presence
and enfolds
the being
in a moment of meeting
of sacred encounter

Flow of sweetness
of the greatest
love in all the world
will flow
in its own containment
as long
as words exist
and minds pursue
the secrets
that belong to no one

Something breaks free
and slips
through a portal
that enters
the elusive mystery
given a billion names

Each particle
of a greater whole
seeks its belonging
in a wholeness
that calls for surrender
to existence
that can not be taught
or named or given

No matter what we name it
or how we describe
what we seek
we are surrounded
by clouds
of unknowing that sweeps
us into a veil
of mist

I fell into enchantment
when I yielded
to what was unlimited
and unreachable

There is believing
and faith
and inspiring
doctrine and gospel
and the alchemy
of the uncreated

There is no enchantment
or longing
that can touch
the unknown
which only the heart
can feel

If a tiny circle
of certainty
is where we want to stay
and live
we can choose it
for endless lifetimes

Alone we enter
the garden
and meet the unknown
that dwells
in the kingdom
of the mystic

The end of belief
may be the
of life that only reveals
its beauty
when we yield
to an expanding

As I lose my identity
I call my self
a mystic
and trust the unknown
more than the countless
of certainty

Secrets begin meeting
me everywhere
and belovedness
to pervade
my silences

What does it mean
to be a disciple
of freedom

Only your heart
can open
the unmarked doors
and your disappearance
into mystery

There are no answers
that anyone
can give you
to create
your own life

Who are you
and how do you
want to live

This is the moment
of meeting

the sweetest flowers
that will
ever grow are
in your heart
waiting to meet you there

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