glorious flow of the beloved

When I first laid eyes
on this image
I felt my heart spread
its wings
and knew the song within
my heart
has always
been for the beloved…

Whatever you call
the power
with which you align
your life
may it have the color
and beauty
of the inner music
that you hear
in the deep silence
of your longings…

Only the Beloved
who created
each one of us
knows those whispered

to the sweetness
of the loving flow
that gives you life
and then sing
the song
that shares it
to the dawn
of your becoming..

2 Responses to “glorious flow of the beloved”

  1. Melynnda* Says:

    Beautiful, Thank you ><3<

  2. Naomi F Stone Says:

    ……….and I thank you, Melynnda!

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