pouring light from the moon

Light is a vision carrier
bringing messages
from the blazing heart
of the Beloved
scattered in infinite ways
to commune
with our hearts

some nights the clarity
of a gracious moon
spills its divining rays
to shine
through the trees
and casts a glow upon
a waiting river
welcoming the light
like another sky

anointing the heart
to receive
the glorious light of love
as cascading love songs
from the moon

the soul perceives
in stillness
a moment of flaming
insight melting
all boundaries
between us
soaring on
great white wings
of light
on a royal flight
to the moon

the creative power of love
is masked in the light
so only the spirit
in the dewy mist of
lover’s tears
to lower the veil

open every portal
to receive the blessed light
through faith in the love
that calls you awake
to slip out
into the night
to listen to the singing
sound of the stars
singing messages
of love
since the beginning
of time


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