Morning offering at dawn…

If I were to call out every name
resounding in heaven and earth
it would take forever…….
for You are everywhere
in every breath
and sigh
and every gift
and grace of life
so I whisper…
Beloved..oh my Beloved…
You…who are everything
and more
in creation’s flow
in the seen and unseen
in the known and unknown
in that which ignites
the new
and touches
the eternal embrace
of all that is
or ever will be…
You are the fountain
and waterfall
of the music
of Love…
of All surrendering
when first I felt
the flowering…
the opening
of my heart and soul
to feel Your piercing gaze
Your breath of life…
the fragrance
of Your eternal spirit
Your nearness opened
streaming visions
of the endless
spiraling movement
divine gentle winds
of Your swirling
I melted into the flow
of Your
divine beauty
and the depth of Your
eternally expressing
now and for always
Humbly aware
exalting in ecstasy
from one glimpse
of the expanse
one glance
one entrancing embrace
of Your grace
and it was clear
this heart belongs to You
this soul only exists
within Yours
this life forever flows
within Your eternal
Dearest Love
flowing as All
Life can only move
through Your compassionate
kindness and gentle
loving truth
Creation is only
in Your infinite
in the magnificence
and glory
of Your unfathomable
Love and grace

4 Responses to “Morning offering at dawn…”

  1. Manoj Juneja Says:

    in ‘Thy’ is the flight so soaring …
    in ‘Thy’ are the words delight….
    in ‘Thy’ are the meanings light
    in ‘Thy’ ~ ‘I’ Stands tall to surrender…
    to ‘Thee Grace’ of ‘Flow’ …… gratitude Naomi….gratitude..

  2. Ingrid Henzler Says:

    sweet gentle caress of wings
    early morn… your words…. your love
    your nectar divine…. offered by you, dear poet Naomi
    received by open hearts … sipped…. precious wine
    while The Beloved is smiling…..

    • Naomi F Stone Says:

      we meet in the melody we sing
      in the river
      in the clouds
      in the celebration of the dance
      of spirit
      in fields of wildflowers
      in prayers of the heart
      and in the Soul
      of the Beloved

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