The Approaching Beloved…

deep Love feels
the quickening rhythm
of the heart
as the unseen

a precious mist
of tears
clouds the eyes
glimmering as they
reflect the light
of the moon

the surrounding air
as a drifting hint
of musk
escapes from
the rustling
folds of silken longing

divine whispering
a sweet silent
heard only
in the soul

a seeking tenderness
the softness
of lips
yielding to
a rushing flare
of divine desire

the creative fire
of love
sends the doors
of heaven spinning
and swinging
to eternity


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3 Responses to “The Approaching Beloved…”

  1. Manoj Juneja Says:

    shuddering moments with just a thought ….
    quivering lights burning skies in nights
    pouring in manifestation its warmth
    petals soft seeking to speak words
    into the silence surrender in
    divine Beloveds breezing arms…

  2. Trilby Says:

    Beautiful, thank you. I have been sensing this in my awareness more and more, so it is wonderful to see a resonance is rippling out. Thank you for your beautiful writings. Blessings.

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