the grace of a friend

The most exquisite gift
we have to share
is friendship
whatever else we might
choose to name it
for we long for one
we can trust

Each heart carries
its own dreams
and visions
of how that might
in a more
perfect world

Religions have carried
their golden keys
for centuries
to open the ancient
of the holy grail
we seek

Artists create visions
to ignite
our dreaming
and inspire us
to awaken
to a new world

So many have
advice and theories
to offer
or a service to sell
to lift the veil
of awakening

Yet we forget
that deep inside
we hide
the potential to be
the friend
we have known

The spirit flows
and rises
in the wave
of the sea of serenity
in the promise
of all creation


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4 Responses to “the grace of a friend”

  1. Manoj Juneja Says:

    what is there to look for ,when the presence is there in heart
    knowing self with eyes of depth which always existed…
    the hand always extended to be held in an unknown land ..
    the land will be known when hand is held … the knowing
    to happen in vibes of flowing in atoms dance ~ sea always waves
    be it serinity or salty waters … for the ocean comes to beach…
    to wash the feet … for it knows this feet will be standing
    on Truth to be… vast than Ocean vast than sky…
    it will be holding hands in an unknown land…

  2. Naomi F Stone Says:

    Truth is sweeter flowing from a poet such as you……………

  3. Ingrid Henzler Says:

    hidden the friend… sweet friend…. till one day we awake and start to dance knowing “you you have always been with me” and bow down laughing to our inner child… the Master inside… a new horizon opens in gratitude to have found the One we had been yearning for…. oh Friend divine… O Master mine….

    ahhh….. already glimpses here and there….

    thank you dear One…. the promise of creation…. you found it deep inside…. the day will come to behold and realize Eternal Truth in heart, soul and mind…… blessed be…

  4. Naomi F Stone Says:

    Ingrid! Lovely to see you here. Thank you for your loving entry to respond to the Friend… feel the Divine friendship within….to know His Voice in the heart….to affirm the timeless expression of Divine Love as it flows to the Oneness of the collective heart and soul……

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