Awakening to Love

Awakening to Love
by Naomi

midnight opens portals
on the canvas
of night
winds rush in
mixing light
with colors of dream
as feeling guides
the eyes of the heart

a form appears…

from behind a veil
of sleep
a canopy of lashes
and closes
the curtain of clarity

did my heart summon
this swirling beauty
attracting these inner eyes
into the dance
of the garden
should the artist awaken
and allow
the gaze of love
to bring it to life
or create a diversion
and develop
a different dream

love tightens its grip
on the brush and lets the color
have its way
with the power
of the vision of night
a lotus flower blooms
birds announce the dawn
at midnight
as light comes flooding in
and unshielded eyes are blinded
by beauty

O my soul is a sea
of uncried tears
brimming like dew
falling from the eyes
of this
developing face
heart is singing
a song
of joy….but fear
has summoned the guardians
of fright
to clear the vision
and make it disappear

the night is yielding
to dawn
the longing is greater
than all the caution
to allow this vision
to manifest
as the glowing spirit
enters the heart
and dream touches real
suddenly time
and a being
is born
awake to love

Image of Expressions of Love
by Rassouli

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