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Sweet song of freedom

May 30, 2012

Pure love whispers with a Voice

attuned to your heart

and soul

and surrendered mind


and aligning you with the flow

of creative power

a deep and heavenly peace

carving a pathway

through mountains

and valleys

and the seasons of your being


Love brings eternity

to the music of your soul

calling you to express the rhythm

yearning to be free

to tumble from the headwaters

of your rivering heart


Pure Love creates a secret spring

that issues forth

from a mystery that reveals

a hidden beauty

through you

a creative flow of joy

that can no longer be contained


Your radiance shines

dancing in the spirit of the wind

ever changing form

meeting you in the green

pastures of peace

and the rivers of silver silence

beneath the moon


The earth is filled with invitation

to share and express

the longing

pressing from within

your sacred self

to let it live and align

your voice with Love that awakens

the kingdom of beauty

forming within your soul


Gratitude and Joy

leaves a trail to see where

you have been

when your spirit flows

to touch the gardens

of open hearts

longing to give birth

to a spring only you can bring


Love beckons to you

preparing the way

arising in the light to greet you

with arms still warm from shining

to welcome your birth

however it comes

in the freedom of  your awakening soul

the clarity of your open eyes

the breathtaking flight

of your spirit

to wander with the light

of  Love

wherever it calls you to flow


An invitation

May 21, 2012

Manoj Juneja says:

tell me about the world you belong ..

tell me about the mystic sounds so precise

every pore which illumines in knowing yet unknown

how you live in me as one and expand yet in far horizons…

lift your self in those spirals and curving arc…

adoring deeply in blissful light ,

playing yet human

human piercing deep my heart

leaving soft petals of love scenting bread and earth…

friends peaking of empowering…


this invitation followed me around inside

spiraling deep and high and wide

shaking loose the cosmic possibilities

of human touching

of mystic shores

of worlds beyond our knowing….

yet feeling like  home within the heart…


A mystic says…I am you…and you are I

and I am music……and you are song..

I am a single flower growing by your door..

and you are the gardener

cultivating the source…

welcoming us all to grow

in the garden of your heart…


You are the son….forming in a mother’s heart..

the boy who swings on the branches

of the tree of life….I am you…

I am the mother…..the daughter…..

the woman gentling the roar of the lion…

the shepherd that rescues

the lamb who has lost its way…


I am a listener …always listening

for the voice and for the silence

of the creator

hearing thousands of voices…

in an eternal silence..


I am the explorer…the searching one..

and I am the discovery… hidden in you..

You are the sun and moon and stars

and the light that illumines the earth

and you are the man on his knees

in his yard greeting life emerging

from the ground

with the joy of a boy


I feel the movement

in the womb of my heart

and marvel at what grows

beneath your hands

tilling the soil with tenderness

coaxing the earth to bless the seed


Every day a new world appears

a new rush of dewy tears

and graciously

we will all know the gaze

seeing beyond the words

feeling the blaze

igniting the fire of love

that never dies…

Pure Love is the birth of freedom

May 16, 2012

What if we awakened to discover

we are actually being drawn

into a vortex of energy

that fuses us

into a flow

of love

a oneness of spirit

and yet quite distinctive

in the unique way we live it

moment by moment by moment


What if each of us were to discover

ourselves in another in a way

surprising  our very self

opening our hearts

to truly feel


that excites

and unites our lives

in the insight of revelation

and the expansion of awakening


The beauty of the other is recognition

of something in ourselves

that wants to be born

and live

in a new way

opening the portal

to possibilities we might

never have known by our selves alone


The flow of life has a sacred beauty

that our heart longs to behold

and each expression of life

harbors a wondrous


that invites us

to blossom in the flavor

and colors of feeling the other

who invites us into creation itself


We are the prism of colors in light

that become living rainbows

when we fall into spring

as the birth

of  beauty that flows

from love that is ever new

in the mingling of sacred hearts


Some moments will forever be sacred

May 14, 2012


The mystery of the heart

is sweet sanctuary

for sacred encounter

that will forever

be remembered as

a portal

for the embracing


of God


The deeper i dive

into the beauty

of what cannot truly

be shared

in any public forum…

the more sacred

love becomes


Those who dare to be alone

with God in a dimension

beyond description

are changed

so irrevocably

you will no longer know them

expanded in ways

that shred

the human persona


it seems that one will never

find a language

to express what is beyond

our human



perhaps the very nature

of polarity

leaves us helpless

to explain

the divine dimensions

from which

we come



Casting a lure of beauty

May 9, 2012
Why do I continue wanting
to send you beauty….
when you are such a master
of creating beauty….
Perhaps it is because i know
that whatever touches your heart
flows out in your creations
in some new way…
and i love seeing it flourish
in the expressions from your heart…
like casting a lure out into the sea
of your soul….
and to feel the thrill of seeing it appear
as a greater beauty in the flow
moving through you……..
it is the scattering of the seeds….
the wisp of a cloud…..
a dancing ray of light…
the reflections in the wine……..
the stars in the eyes…….
the beauty of your soul………
beaming a life line of light
to beloveds……….

i dance….
i sing….i seek ways
to send a glance to you….
to tease….to lure…to coax……..
to invite your visions to bloom

in the garden
of open hearts…
that will share them with exotic….
and sometimes erotic…..
expanding new creations……
gathering them and weaving them
in the flowing hair of beauty…….
giving pleasure to eyes………
and to hearts in spite of your self…………..
i learned about beauty
from one with a silver tongue
of moonlight
and I am laden with dew……
flavored with you and your friend……….
flushed with love and colors
that seek the freedom to flow……..
i clear the way……..
a waiting womb………………..
an open path…………….
a song seeking wings……..
paint the sky anew for me this day…………
let the heart
leave its imprint
in the grass of the garden……
and no one will know
who was there….
beneath the shade
of that cypress tree………
for only love
is filling the air with flashing eyes…….
and the sweet taste of joy
gives us life……….
lips that catch the songs
and feel the dew of the pulsing heart
that was formed to create………
to be a life giver…..
a joy bringer…….
a spring of love
bringing wine to thirsty lips
and waiting hearts
no names……..
only mystic hearts……….
whispering with the breath
of love so sweet……
Venus dances…….
the flowers swoon……..
and the moon breaks into laughter………

We meet in this holy hour

May 5, 2012


Oh hearts…..we meet in this holy hour

awakening to listen to our hearts

as the Spirit stirs and whispers

as a living Presence…

a flowing wondrous communion

a meeting of all who seek a deeper love

who open to the light


eager hearts….

open to love

enter a serene and peaceful sea

waiting for thee

surrounding those who seek

who dare to whisper

through the faith of longing

and hope


we meet in the crossing

friends in the spirit

connected in the spiraling energy

that lifts us beyond

the words


blessed assurance

as the breath flows freely

without limit

unconditional in the rushing

whispering winds

across the distances

in a language all can understand


dear ones

know the love that falls

in the rain

radiant in the sun

breaking open color

arching over you with rainbows

sending a gaze to pierce

your heart

in remembrance that Love

dwells within you

now and always


we touch in the night as friends

embraced in love

we may never understand

yet we feel and know

one another

through spirit and beauty

given freely

and willingly


us into One great Heart

of Love