We meet in this holy hour


Oh hearts…..we meet in this holy hour

awakening to listen to our hearts

as the Spirit stirs and whispers

as a living Presence…

a flowing wondrous communion

a meeting of all who seek a deeper love

who open to the light


eager hearts….

open to love

enter a serene and peaceful sea

waiting for thee

surrounding those who seek

who dare to whisper

through the faith of longing

and hope


we meet in the crossing

friends in the spirit

connected in the spiraling energy

that lifts us beyond

the words


blessed assurance

as the breath flows freely

without limit

unconditional in the rushing

whispering winds

across the distances

in a language all can understand


dear ones

know the love that falls

in the rain

radiant in the sun

breaking open color

arching over you with rainbows

sending a gaze to pierce

your heart

in remembrance that Love

dwells within you

now and always


we touch in the night as friends

embraced in love

we may never understand

yet we feel and know

one another

through spirit and beauty

given freely

and willingly


us into One great Heart

of Love





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