Sweet song of freedom

Pure love whispers with a Voice

attuned to your heart

and soul

and surrendered mind


and aligning you with the flow

of creative power

a deep and heavenly peace

carving a pathway

through mountains

and valleys

and the seasons of your being


Love brings eternity

to the music of your soul

calling you to express the rhythm

yearning to be free

to tumble from the headwaters

of your rivering heart


Pure Love creates a secret spring

that issues forth

from a mystery that reveals

a hidden beauty

through you

a creative flow of joy

that can no longer be contained


Your radiance shines

dancing in the spirit of the wind

ever changing form

meeting you in the green

pastures of peace

and the rivers of silver silence

beneath the moon


The earth is filled with invitation

to share and express

the longing

pressing from within

your sacred self

to let it live and align

your voice with Love that awakens

the kingdom of beauty

forming within your soul


Gratitude and Joy

leaves a trail to see where

you have been

when your spirit flows

to touch the gardens

of open hearts

longing to give birth

to a spring only you can bring


Love beckons to you

preparing the way

arising in the light to greet you

with arms still warm from shining

to welcome your birth

however it comes

in the freedom of  your awakening soul

the clarity of your open eyes

the breathtaking flight

of your spirit

to wander with the light

of  Love

wherever it calls you to flow


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5 Responses to “Sweet song of freedom”

  1. Ingrid Henzler Says:

    your poems dear friend…. the voice of the Beloved…. touching every cell in my body…. the essence… my being…. and I yearn to sing and dance once more in the freedom of joy and pure shining light… oh may I be able too…. to leave prints of devotion for the Beloved… wherever my feet walk…. kissing gently the earth

  2. Pierre Says:

    This is beautiful.

  3. Naomi F Stone Says:

    dear ingrid…….we find our home in that sacred heart and sweet soul of love…….

  4. Naomi F Stone Says:

    Pierre…..thank you for your response and for visiting my sanctuary of love……………………..the garden of my heart

  5. Manoj Juneja Says:

    swam through the waters of love, beauty , warm breaths of heart , a call so dear , flight of freedom of now… just in arms of Beloved ~ birthing anew… in light of peace ~ serene ….

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