Mystical garden



Falling into the mystery

and deep beauty

of the Beloved

flowing into the moment

when the lover is transported

into the garden

to meet the Beloved

face to face


The planets shift

as the earth is swept

into spring

through the empowering


of  pure love


The moon casts an ethereal glow

embracing the vision

forming in the mist


the sacred encounter

in the veil

of divine wine


with the light of love


The mystical garden


a fragrance

and essence of the eternal


all human



Only the creator knows

the infinite secrets

of the union of  lover

and Beloved

vanishing into timelessness

and communion

of  Souls


The quivering sighs

of Silence

are felt across

the univese

plunging all souls

into the ecstasy

of Joy











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2 Responses to “Mystical garden”

  1. Ingrid Henzler Says:

    Dear Naomi,

    the purity and beauty of your words wash away all flickering thoughts…… a sigh…. the Truth is felt …. glimpses of mystic union… to yearn for to surrender to… to hold precious in the heart … thank you for sharing your pearls to with hungry souls dear friend.

    • Naomi F Stone Says:

      Dearest Ingrid……..All longing is a union for the Beloved..and the Beloved has many faces…we surrender into the Soul where All is already One……….in that precious Love………..

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