climb the mountains to feel the bliss

of the kiss of the open sky




cross the desert to reach

what soothes those thirsty lips




follow the music of the spinning stars

and discover what excites your heart




pour us the wine of you and dare

to sing the song of longing




how dreary the day might seem

without the hope of a dream




dare to whisper your deepest prayer

trust the source of life to care




touch the hovering joy

that laughs within your heart




feel the touch of spirit

stirring you to life




suddenly the rays of light

are like arrows in the night




warriors of love are we

when we are guided by thee

4 Responses to “Whispering”

  1. Melynnda* Says:

    Lovely ><3<

  2. Emilia Says:

    Oh yes, how dreary would be my days without the hope of this dream “whispered” by Thee.
    Thank you, Naomi, for this poem which sings to my heart.

  3. Naomi F Stone Says:

    Melynnda! What a lovely name. Welcome to you sharing my ever whispering love!

  4. Naomi F Stone Says:

    Emilia….dear Emilia………..we touched across the spaces of the world….falling into the beauty of the dream…..and in the daring free-fall of the heart….we caught a glimpse of infinity in the gardens blossoming there….

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