Spring comes to the Soul


Aroused from sleep by a dancing heart

playfully pulsing and prancing

creating a rhythm of  inner joy

spinning out

the soft sounds of mystery

of a new song


Waves of feeling from a sacred chamber

inspiring spring

in the swirling sweetness

of a symphony

of  smiles and laughter


A divine orchard of swaying blossoms

and tender leaves

emerging from blessings

of touch

and so much love

caressing the boundaries

of the heart

inviting heaven to dance

upon the silent waters

of the soul


Without the beauty

of the Beloved

the enchanting breath

of Spring

would never come


As the reach of the Beloved


the sacred garden

with a tender embrace

tears of the luminous dew

of love decorate

every spreading petal and open hand

as lovers bow before

the rising light of dawn






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