The transforming touch


Love writes
and creates with Light
within the heart
and upon the soul
pouring beauty
and breathing new life
out upon the earth

Love flows
through the transforming
gaze and vigil
of divine awareness
shining out and flowing
from the Beloved
like an inner sun

Beauty of a single glance
awakens our souls
with the radiance
of vision
a profound presence
manifesting all creation
falling gently upon the earth

To be touched by spirit
is to be born anew
again and again
to feel the brush of wings
of flight
spreading in the soul
giving birth
to a gentling grace
meant for all mankind

Kneel before the altar
at the pinnacle
of your highest reach
and feel the breath move
to create an opening
for Love to soothe
the deepest pain

There is healing love
from the divine Spring
of the Beloved
opening the portals
between heaven
and earth

Let it flow
and feel the glow
and bringing you
to life that is new
and love that is true

4 Responses to “The transforming touch”

  1. taralah Says:

    oh – yes! enjoyed so very much to read this, such an beautiful expression of that which has been felt coming from the words of ‘another’ – thank you!

  2. Darlene Says:

    amazing work.

  3. Naomi F Stone Says:

    We touch in the mystic night and thrill to know the power of the unseen that dwells within us. We reflect it to each other and witness to the beauty of the Beloved that dwells within our surrendered hearts and souls………..

  4. helen Says:

    just love your pics & positive posts!

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