Midnight ride to freedom

Midnight ride to freedom
Deep within every heart
is a creative power
like a wild stallion
or restless mustang
wanting to break free
of the ropes that hopelessly
try to bind the wind
We go crashing through the corral
that imprisons the heart
when we smell
something in the wind
that remembers the wilderness
we shake off the sweat
of too much thought
to ride a new energy
to the moon
and beyond
We race as far as it will take us
until it throws us
into unknown spaces
without a name
where we can breathe
It doesn’t matter
if we are
plundered under by rising
and falling waves
or wandering in a clearing
that invites
our imagining heart
to fill it
with visions of a new world
When we disappear
we reappear
in a place
we have never been
and we begin again
to search for those apples
fermenting in the orchard
that made us laugh
No page can confine us
no threats can control us
for we remember
the wine
pressed from wild grapes
and the creative power
of the heart
the way home
to love

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