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Song of the nameless spirit

August 31, 2012

There are times I can no longer look back

at what I have written

about the Beloved

because it melts and dissolves my senses

and my rational mind

in a way that is breathtaking

and bewildering in the remembering

not in the writing of it

but in the timelessness

of the moments

of a present moment  which became eternal


and in the experiencing

of each encounter

they hover somewhere

in the unknown

etherealization of my own truth


I don’t know when I slipped into this life of Spirit

somehow found an entry into

an unseen existence

that launches me into a depth

of existence

that makes every other moment

pale in comparison


Everyone will tell me something different

about their own perceptions

of who the Beloved is

and how it rises from the solar flares

of my own heart

or how the God of each religion

is the true Beloved

or how the vast ocean of divinity

somehow swirls around

my being and transports me to another universe

in a belovedness

that expands my consciousness

beyond anything

I could ever truly describe


Something in my heart and soul and spirit

and in the deep stillness

of the center

of my being compels me to try

knowing that all the intellect of the world

will not explain it

nor will the cries in the jungle

nor the cries from deep under the sea

nor in the cries of the thinning atmosphere

of the skies


Perhaps one can never describe what

lies beyond the sun

of our unknown existence

and something

that comes to life in the profound silences

of my deepest experience



I want to leave a note to someone

where I have gone


How does your garden grow?

August 28, 2012


In the garden of the heart

August 26, 2012
Whatever else we discover…………it seems there is always a new threshold to cross….
a new place to kneel and kiss………to open the way to another possibility………something
we may never have considered………..or didn’t think was open to us……
….to feel the presence of love in some new way…
now how could that not begin to sprout the wings of Joy
what gives one the creative energy to face the unthinkable
and leaves another to become frightened
over nothing
what reveals beauty to one…….and ugliness to another
hope to one…….and hopelessness to another
where do the resources come from that sees light in darkness
and makes another choose darkness
in the face of great light
what is it in our natures that pursues the unknown in one
and closes down the choice of even looking in another
when we walk to the end of existence
and peer over the edge
what do we see
when we touch into the infinite power to create
what happens
all boundaries fall away……all desire to judge melts into nothingness
all blame is transformed into a gateway of choices
all fear generates energy to face the unknown
a kiss christens our tongues with words that come alive when we speak
opens our hands to caress the skin and create beauty with color and texture and wonder
what opens the door to one and closes it to another
the awakening to our ability to create is an awakening to life itself
one thing that the womb of the heart knows
that the body and mind sometimes forgets is that
love is the ultimate creativity
the spirit can carry the energy of love to the ends of the earth and beyond
wrap us in the wings of imagination
and give us new life

Light of the Beloved

August 22, 2012

to feel the dance inside your heart
to move in the light that rises in the dawning
of your awareness
to gather in the energy that forms
like a cloud within you
O this is a glimpse of visions forming
of seeds opening
in an inner glory that allows
my eyes
to behold a vision
revealing its colors and form
flowing and winding
through the rivers of feelings
winding and coursing
through your being
O this is to behold creation
in your heart and displaying itself
in the light of your soul
tumbling in the waterfalls of discovery
and delight
feeling the essence
bathing in the fragrance
of beauty
nestled in the curls of belovedness
like resting in the delicate
treetops of the garden
is an ever arising
glimpse of heaven
brush my hair into the music
of your love songs
and the throbbing rhythm
of your heart




Timeless wonder of the Beloved

August 20, 2012


The swelling and expanding wonder spills out on the page

and writes itself across the sky

if I lift my eyes to write and wish you good morning

or afternoon or twilight…..or midnight………

i swear…i have to look out the window

to see if it is day or night……..


the errant atoms dance and undo their patterns

every moment of the visions

of my Beloved focused eyes and heart……


The greatest assurance of our ever manifesting Beloved One

comes in the friendships

forming and growing in the heart

and in the sighs and blissful moaning

swirling in the ecstasy

of the soul….


in the presence of the present moment that causes me

to whirl around to see

who is standing so near to me

coming in the sweetest feeling of unseen energy

so divinely free


and it is there i meet thee

dear one

ever unannounced……..spontaneous informality

laughter ringing and resounding

from the walls

and the hallowed halls

of creativity


we are off to the next expression

and wishing life would finish the fragments

of the last divine encounter

we shared

feathers falling….

brushing our hearts and eyes

like a kiss

with the softest breath

we recognize

words dance around our rising wonder

laughing at our human attempts

to capture the beauty

of the divine appearance

and sacred touch of mystic eyes

O the mystery of an eyelash falling on the page

from a thousand miles away

that dissolves our will and thrills

our ever open hearts

when we know we fall short of capturing

the delicious taste

of the tongue of the Beloved

in the divine kiss

that silences our cacophony of words

oh sweet feast of beauty that bewilders our senses

and awakens the womb

to long for seeds of light

that will create a vision that stuns our creative flow

and shuns our trash cans

full of books

as we dump them in the nearest pond

and eagerly begin again

to offer our open hands to the Beloved

to dance us through the streets in hopes that we meet

the dearest hearts we shall ever know

in the glow

of the moon at midnight

sweet flight my love

sweet night of mystery ever beckoning

and calling anew

to create the phoenix that rises

from the ashes

of the remnants of what

we only thought

was life

we didn’t know…….we didn’t know

the taste of nectar

mixed with the dew of dawn

spread on the lips of the Beloved

that steals the words

from our lips with such sweet tenderness

to bless our longings

with His silver tongue and silver hair

laced with moonlight

such a flight…..such a night

drown the books

and give us one more sweet flight

in the Beloved’s arms

melting in His delicious charms




The Oracle

August 7, 2012
The oracle manifests from thy glorious Being
sings through our surrendering
pours through the Light of thy Spirit
conceives through the Womb
of thy Heart
for every Heart has been created
as a living treasure
of thy Grace
holding the pearl
of thy luminous Soul
that becomes
the Life of All Life
We awaken to the Beauty
that is You
and find our Life
in You
and all identity
dissolves and melts into
the garden
that blooms as You