Timeless wonder of the Beloved


The swelling and expanding wonder spills out on the page

and writes itself across the sky

if I lift my eyes to write and wish you good morning

or afternoon or twilight…..or midnight………

i swear…i have to look out the window

to see if it is day or night……..


the errant atoms dance and undo their patterns

every moment of the visions

of my Beloved focused eyes and heart……


The greatest assurance of our ever manifesting Beloved One

comes in the friendships

forming and growing in the heart

and in the sighs and blissful moaning

swirling in the ecstasy

of the soul….


in the presence of the present moment that causes me

to whirl around to see

who is standing so near to me

coming in the sweetest feeling of unseen energy

so divinely free


and it is there i meet thee

dear one

ever unannounced……..spontaneous informality

laughter ringing and resounding

from the walls

and the hallowed halls

of creativity


we are off to the next expression

and wishing life would finish the fragments

of the last divine encounter

we shared

feathers falling….

brushing our hearts and eyes

like a kiss

with the softest breath

we recognize

words dance around our rising wonder

laughing at our human attempts

to capture the beauty

of the divine appearance

and sacred touch of mystic eyes

O the mystery of an eyelash falling on the page

from a thousand miles away

that dissolves our will and thrills

our ever open hearts

when we know we fall short of capturing

the delicious taste

of the tongue of the Beloved

in the divine kiss

that silences our cacophony of words

oh sweet feast of beauty that bewilders our senses

and awakens the womb

to long for seeds of light

that will create a vision that stuns our creative flow

and shuns our trash cans

full of books

as we dump them in the nearest pond

and eagerly begin again

to offer our open hands to the Beloved

to dance us through the streets in hopes that we meet

the dearest hearts we shall ever know

in the glow

of the moon at midnight

sweet flight my love

sweet night of mystery ever beckoning

and calling anew

to create the phoenix that rises

from the ashes

of the remnants of what

we only thought

was life

we didn’t know…….we didn’t know

the taste of nectar

mixed with the dew of dawn

spread on the lips of the Beloved

that steals the words

from our lips with such sweet tenderness

to bless our longings

with His silver tongue and silver hair

laced with moonlight

such a flight…..such a night

drown the books

and give us one more sweet flight

in the Beloved’s arms

melting in His delicious charms




4 Responses to “Timeless wonder of the Beloved”

  1. ingrid Henzler Says:

    Naomi….. I’m lost in your love for the Beloved….. lost in the mystic of a divine romance…. lost in the tenderness the softness of your words… o night of the nights…. day of the days…. moment of moments…. you offer us a glimpse of heaven to be lived on earth… once showered by His grace

    bowing to the divinity in you

  2. Naomi F Stone Says:

    What a beautiful and gentle response, Ingrid….thank you for your sharing and the support of your words …..i grow weary sometimes of holding back, and sometimes I let go and dare to let myself feel the sudden rush of even a moment of the power of such a love……we only touch a fragment….and catch a glimpse of a falling feather of Grace…..and we fall into rapture….

  3. celticpaisley Says:

    Oh how perfectly you express the Timeless Wonder of the Beloved… perfection.

  4. dominic Says:

    Hi,your article songs are really promoting me to the next level.Thanks a lot NAOMI.

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