Light of the Beloved

to feel the dance inside your heart
to move in the light that rises in the dawning
of your awareness
to gather in the energy that forms
like a cloud within you
O this is a glimpse of visions forming
of seeds opening
in an inner glory that allows
my eyes
to behold a vision
revealing its colors and form
flowing and winding
through the rivers of feelings
winding and coursing
through your being
O this is to behold creation
in your heart and displaying itself
in the light of your soul
tumbling in the waterfalls of discovery
and delight
feeling the essence
bathing in the fragrance
of beauty
nestled in the curls of belovedness
like resting in the delicate
treetops of the garden
is an ever arising
glimpse of heaven
brush my hair into the music
of your love songs
and the throbbing rhythm
of your heart




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