In the garden of the heart

Whatever else we discover…………it seems there is always a new threshold to cross….
a new place to kneel and kiss………to open the way to another possibility………something
we may never have considered………..or didn’t think was open to us……
….to feel the presence of love in some new way…
now how could that not begin to sprout the wings of Joy
what gives one the creative energy to face the unthinkable
and leaves another to become frightened
over nothing
what reveals beauty to one…….and ugliness to another
hope to one…….and hopelessness to another
where do the resources come from that sees light in darkness
and makes another choose darkness
in the face of great light
what is it in our natures that pursues the unknown in one
and closes down the choice of even looking in another
when we walk to the end of existence
and peer over the edge
what do we see
when we touch into the infinite power to create
what happens
all boundaries fall away……all desire to judge melts into nothingness
all blame is transformed into a gateway of choices
all fear generates energy to face the unknown
a kiss christens our tongues with words that come alive when we speak
opens our hands to caress the skin and create beauty with color and texture and wonder
what opens the door to one and closes it to another
the awakening to our ability to create is an awakening to life itself
one thing that the womb of the heart knows
that the body and mind sometimes forgets is that
love is the ultimate creativity
the spirit can carry the energy of love to the ends of the earth and beyond
wrap us in the wings of imagination
and give us new life

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