Song of the nameless spirit

There are times I can no longer look back

at what I have written

about the Beloved

because it melts and dissolves my senses

and my rational mind

in a way that is breathtaking

and bewildering in the remembering

not in the writing of it

but in the timelessness

of the moments

of a present moment  which became eternal


and in the experiencing

of each encounter

they hover somewhere

in the unknown

etherealization of my own truth


I don’t know when I slipped into this life of Spirit

somehow found an entry into

an unseen existence

that launches me into a depth

of existence

that makes every other moment

pale in comparison


Everyone will tell me something different

about their own perceptions

of who the Beloved is

and how it rises from the solar flares

of my own heart

or how the God of each religion

is the true Beloved

or how the vast ocean of divinity

somehow swirls around

my being and transports me to another universe

in a belovedness

that expands my consciousness

beyond anything

I could ever truly describe


Something in my heart and soul and spirit

and in the deep stillness

of the center

of my being compels me to try

knowing that all the intellect of the world

will not explain it

nor will the cries in the jungle

nor the cries from deep under the sea

nor in the cries of the thinning atmosphere

of the skies


Perhaps one can never describe what

lies beyond the sun

of our unknown existence

and something

that comes to life in the profound silences

of my deepest experience



I want to leave a note to someone

where I have gone


2 Responses to “Song of the nameless spirit”

  1. ingrid Henzler Says:

    my friend in whom I find nourishment for my soul…. you express what I am yearning for…. not there yet…. maybe never i’ll be there… yet I touched and glimpsed the truth you are talking about… a love a sweetness which takes us into a land beyond our dreams our hopes our imagination our fantasies…. so real so true so all fulfilling… a dance in full moon night under the stars when time stops and only the Beloved is there to watch and hugs in bewilderment of stars …. oh may I rejoice with you Naomi in the Beloved shedding tears of gratitude and endless inner joy….

    • Naomi F Stone Says:

      My beautiful friend…..we meet in the dance and the delight and the deep longing for the nameless Beloved…..the One who sends us reeling and brings us to life !!!

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