We Begin Again

Silence falls upon on the sacred spaces
of my solitude
and ever so quietly
I open my eyes upon a star-studded darkness
surrounded by that precious Silence
when the Mystery awakens
to give birth
to a private awareness
when beauty spreads out across the night sky
when color springs from the soul
and joy reaches to light the way
to heaven
creating divine secrets to
decorate the dawn


something blooms and flowers in the night

creating a special light

as we wander in the garden


love walks in silent strength where

the Beloved dwells

as a river falls majestically down

the mountain

rushing to water the valley below


and love smiles

upon the sacred power

spinning out life with every breath


the tiny violets in the grass are soft beneath my feet

as I walk barefoot

upon this precious earth

to behold the wonders the Beloved creates


we live in awe

in the wake of the rolling wave

that transforms a barren place into

a fruitful land

and a heart space into a living being


we hear the willows in the wind

and feel them brush against our face

hearing the unseen music

drawing us to dance the feelings

overflowing from

our hearts

though centuries pass

and worlds come and go

the Beloved meets us in the garden

to begin again

my love

One Response to “We Begin Again”

  1. m.e.b. Says:

    Hearing the unseen music…….

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