the pure light of love

Oh….the light is just touching the horizon now
the sweet precious first light of dawn
the purest touch
conceived in the mystical night
oh…the wonder and awe of beholding creation
with new eyes
to feel thy tender arms
around the shoulder of the sky
to feel the kiss of morning dew
to hear the intimate whispering of awakening
in the private chambers of the heart
this is the springing forth
of new life
a sacramental union
a holy covenant of new magnitude
such beauty
humbles and exalts and blesses
the soul
to be so loved is truly to die in the wave
of human existence
and to live in the wave
of divine revelation
to feel the awe
and to take that step
to begin to live
what we could not have imagined
is a martyrdom of its own kind
to love as one is truly loved is incomprehensible
in the human mind alone
only in glimpses
of surrendering to the wholeness
are we swept into the breath of God
and even have the remote possibility of being touched
by it in one another
is only possible through
divine grace
the pure light of love

2 Responses to “the pure light of love”

  1. ingrid Henzler Says:

    Thank you dearest Naomi…. “Swept into the breath of God”…. loosing all identity…. union with the Beloved …. becoming One…. and the search is over once graced and embraced by Eternal Light and Love…. we receive glimpses only…. here on earth in human love… and so it has to be… The Beloved is waiting for the Lover to be ready …. showering blessings after blessings… the crown of divinity….

    Blessed we to read and dive into the depth of your holy words, dearest Naomi!

    • Naomi F Stone Says:

      Blessing your return to your beloved Assisi…..and feeling the depth of your response to the light of love of the Beloved…..Grace will carry us when we cannot take another step by ourselves…..dear friend…..

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