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Wings of Oneness

November 30, 2012


The tapestry of a life
falls from the mysterious
and forming
of one’s soul

Identity depends entirely
upon who is looking
and from where
and from
what perspective

If we write upon the sky
wanting to say
this is who I am
and this is where
I’ve been

we leave a pattern
and a path
in images of moments
and a rhythm
of our journey

Yet our heart knows
there is so much
more to share
if we care
to tell the truth

What makes us unique
sets us apart
the call to oneness
silently arises
from within the heart

A beauty breaks through
the maze of details
as a mystical and delicate
haze forms
a transparent veil

The gaze of the Beloved
falls upon the vision
crowning it
with the Light
and Purity of Love

No matter how one crouches
in the dark
to hide their beauty
all will
one day be known

Beauty opens the path
for Love
smiling away fear
welcoming us
near that glorious heart