The Light within the Heart


The search for the creator
within our hearts
is the most exciting journey
of our lives,
and the only energy
that can truly guide us is Love,
for when we touch a spark of that energy,
lightning flashes from
the cloud of our unknowing
and changes everything.
We are reborn
in a thrilling moment
that sets off a chain of moments
that becomes our life.
Light becomes a beacon,
a ray of the divine,
a pure revelation
that opens the portals
to our heart, soul, mind,
and spirit,
and we experience
a renaissance and renewal
of our innocence.
We are launched into
a visualization of beauty
the gaze of love.
This is the Beloved
guiding us
into the infinite variation
of Creation
of which we are the pinnacle.
Beauty is the true nature
of our being,
and we will spend
the rest of our lives reaching
to express it.