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divine secrets in the dawn

March 25, 2013

00  -  0002-24-GraceofAlpha

the silence of dawn
whispers me awake
igniting embers of light
within me….
arousing me to sing
of the Beloved
who has penetrated earth
and all life
stirring us to recall
the Source from which we came
to feel the deep joy
of the moment
of conception
when we burst into being
swirling into the arms
of belonging
to the depths
of the Beloved

You give birth
to our becoming
inviting us to dance
with you
in infinite ways
ever surprising
and delighting us
with divine beauty
hidden in the glow
of luminous
an embrace unseen
revealing the face
of love so pure
it is sheltered
in your eternal breathing
a soft breeze
of sweet remembering
the breath of life

00 Farschian o-metamorphosis-1984-27_5x19_75

Love goes before us to prepare the way

March 23, 2013

000- 0000. Jpg

I kneel in the sacred silence
within my own being….
and clear a space for the Beloved…

we go ahead to prepare a place
for the Spirit of Love..
pausing in the journey
to the soul
to rest
as we continue
on the pilgrimage
toward home

where it is natural
to be true to one’s self
and bring truth
to life like one’s child

to yield and allow beauty
the freedom to flow
and manifest
in the purity and clarity
of the living breath
of the Beloved…

the light of seeing
awaits our
and meets us
with the penetrating gaze
of beloved eyes
beholding us

the path spreads out before us
through the blazing fire of the sun
and beguiling smiles of a mystical moon
in the birth and dying
of the stars
among spinning planets
and glittering galaxies
stories told in constellations
we wander in the glowing whiteness
of the milky way
sliding along the silky golden rays
of the streaming sun
pouring out to light our way
guiding us
to that sweet infinity
within the sheltering heart
of the Beloved

Heart Song of Creation

March 20, 2013


Heart Song of Creation

I can feel the dying
and the surrendering to my last breath
in the calvary of walking
through the heaviness of the existence
of dragging the illusions
to which so many cling
the way the last leaves of autumn
resist letting go
to yield to winter winds
or watching the way the seasons turn
the pages of destiny
and time bound expectation

I close my eyes and bow my head
in awe
with an aching awareness
of the final hours
of this dying vigil of all that
has been so filled
with life and color and beauty
that shook to me to the core of my being
surprised that any moment
could ever dim or steal the splendor of life
in the peak and depth of feeling
that I have been so blessed
to know

My human voice whispers gratitude
for the thrill of loving
in this dying vigil of my final hour
remembering beauty
and the magnificence of creative power
beyond my imagining
how thankful to have known it
to be touched by the spiritual reach
of the hands
of the creator of a kingdom
of divine vision
here on this revolving earth

A mighty wind sweeps through
this sweet farewell
lightning splinters the sky and shakes
the ground
beneath my feet
as great arms with gentle strength
lift me from the cross of death
we only thought was real
carrying me
to a placelessness where life exists
as a lightness of being
as intimacy
leaps into a new life
where sweetness is the dew
of every dawn

How cheap the deception that denies
the possibilities
and tries to take control
of who wins heaven
and who is denied entrance
to forever
a deep sadness reigns
over the closed hearts that snuff
the hope that breathes
only the life-giving breath
of the beauty of love
and forgiveness

How thrilling the dancing king
who lives beyond time
and exudes the reality of a shimmering radiance
and beauty beyond the numbering
of our years
the feminine softness of breasts
that offer milk and honey
and whispering secrets
of the womb of vintage wine
the teeming life in the sea of tranquility
scattering pearls of heaven
right here on earth

Spirit senses the freedom of flight
without wings
and the sheltering
membrane of transparency
of communion
where conception happens
and life bursts forth
as a song of glorious freedom
and love
beyond our dreams

Hide the inspiration in metaphors
to keep them safe
shining from the portals
where the single eye
of God
filled with light
gazes upon innocence
and purity
longing to give birth
to a song
and a rhythm
that lives forever

Now is the hour of renaissance
and the visions
that sprout
from the gardens of dreaming
and lovers leave
their imprint
in the wildflowers
that bloom at midnight
and disappear
at dawn

The troubadours and poets
the painters
and wandering minstrels
the joyful beggars
and buddhas beneath the trees
the gracious flowering
of desire
that kindles the fire
in our hearts
revives and renews the spark
that fosters life
and melts the winter
into spring

This is the energy
and spirit
of love
blazing in the rays
of golden sun
that beam the light
of vision
around the earth

Naomi Stone

Image by Rassouli

The monarch of love

March 20, 2013

0 Monarch of Love

The monarch of love
lands lightly
touching the spiritual being
with intimacy
beyond our control
or command
beyond the language
of words
yet something moves
that quivers like wings
a life-giving breath
that warms the soul
and quickens the heart
a deep sigh of unseen beauty
born on the softness
of a fluttering kiss
rising like mist
from the dew of intimacy
clinging to surrendered lips….

Naomi Stone..

the spiritual light of the garden of the heart

March 20, 2013

0000 05-10-gardenoftheHeartthe spiritual light of the garden of the heart

of golden light
seeding the golden
blossoming as
the garden
of the heart

and in the brilliant golden light
beaming beyond the chambers
of the garden of the heart
we remain unseen
sharing the mystery of lovers
ever rising
beyond earthly sight
and sound
safe in the surrounding sweetness
of the source of pure love

mystics love disappearing magnificence
transparent clouds of unknowing
mystical invisibility
for the heart knows and trusts
its reappearance……….
sweet fruit of belovedness

Naomi Stone…

the visionary voice of the womb

March 20, 2013

00  -  0002-24-GraceofAlpha

the visionary voice of the womb

unknown voices await our hearing
creative listening is discovered
in revelations
pouring through the forgotten infusion
of the divine art of silence
the beguiling flow
of spirit
weaving its way gently
through the mystical forest
of intimacy
and the wondrous rhythms
of the heart
the pulsing whisper
of the womb
a glowing dimension of divine light
where life begins
a place created
to give birth to the highest insight
and indwelling expressions
of God
spinning out infinite thought forms
of life
in a quivering dance
inviting love
to open
and release the nurturing power
to bring it into being
to manifest
the beauty of the breath
of the Beloved
as the gentle dew of tears
from the spiritual mist
and gracefully slips
from an open heart
into a surrendering womb
giving birth to beauty
beyond all sight
an interior vision of love
so precious
no words could ever contain
the unseen love
that receives the kiss
that brings the breathless beauty
of the eternal
into being

Naomi Stone

The Alchemy of Love

March 20, 2013


Alchemy of Love

The current flows and cycles
swirling and alive
wondrous in its visions
and revelations
coming to recognize
the touch of the Beloved
the burning mystic
of Creation weaves its way
inside and out
of our
multi-dimensional being
in one moment
the dancing flames
and in the next
lowering the intensity
to an inner glow like
candle light
to rest and renew
in a peace that passes
all understanding

Perfect surrender
lifts the burden of needing
to know
and allows for flow
wherever it needs to go
trusting Love
to guide the way
of Creation’s Song
dancing along with a loving touch
that awakens hearts

Attraction draws what it needs
to blossom and flower
in the sacred hour
of Love’s exotic blooming
awakening the soul
to create

The burning mystic of Creation..
knows your heart
and the subtle lightning rod
of your shepherd’s staff
as you gather
the flock
of those seeking
the beloved
within the self

Naomi Stone

Together the Love expands
and grows
as the way is formed
within you
to make way
for the current
of the radical grace
of the Beloved
to touch the human race

Naomi Stone..

Eternal winds of the breath of God

March 20, 2013

0 - Veil of Mystery

Eternal winds of the breath of God

laid in the darkness
for a long time last night
to the whispering
of the Beloved..
within the light
surrounding the heart
flowing in the soul
dividing the cells
expanding the womb
purifying life
in the vast silence
of the infinite reach
of divine Love

listening and feeling
the shimmering swirling
seeds of light
in the nurturing sea
of the womb
of life
and hearing the whispering hopes
of the spiritual truth
of the free

for the energy
of unconditional love
does exist
and beauty glows
from within
our deepest hopes
and dreams
waiting to find a place
in the mystical visions
falling from heaven
through the elegance
of the unseen hand
them form

The Breath of Silence

March 20, 2013


The Breath of Silence..

The heart hovers
like the quivering blur
of the hummingbird
sensing sweetness
in the blossom softly opening
to the light
the innocence of the flower
lays itself open
to the warmth
of the sun
as some divinely given instinct
summons the seeker
in flashing colors
waiting and watching
in the stunning vision
of whirring wings
to taste the virgin freshness
of the heart of beauty
both yield to their destiny
in the freshness of dew
at dawn
giving and sharing
the holy essence of communion

Naomi Stone…

Dear One

March 20, 2013


Dear One
How wonderful to face an open page
in the silences of the soul
to let fly the expressions
that seek beyond this inverted bowl
no matter where one lands on the surface
or where we start
the spirit flies to the place
that welcomes the runaway heart

Where is the one who lets the heart sing
brushing fingers through the hair
as the breezes of heaven ruffle silky curls
with morning air
Oh to sing and dance with the sunlight
slipping through the trees
warming the skin and rippling the rivers
rushing to the seas

Gazing toward the unknown
feeling the thrill that makes the heart race
searching the night skies for a glimpse
of that ever elusive face
spinning and spiraling through stars
like a thousand eyes that sing
feeling the blood flowing
through pathways beyond everything

Sliding in to the hideaway that welcomes the light
and the flight of a friend
one can disappear and vanish into a night
that flows without end
A sweet fragrance drifts in the room
inviting one to have some fun
the spirit soars calling playfully
to come and follow the sun

Scattering soft kisses from laughing lips
of one forever young
creating beauty from a heart
full of visions still unsung
the lover changes in form and face
to create a rendezvous
sweeping us in heaven’s arms
always and forever new

Naomi Stone..