Dear One


Dear One
How wonderful to face an open page
in the silences of the soul
to let fly the expressions
that seek beyond this inverted bowl
no matter where one lands on the surface
or where we start
the spirit flies to the place
that welcomes the runaway heart

Where is the one who lets the heart sing
brushing fingers through the hair
as the breezes of heaven ruffle silky curls
with morning air
Oh to sing and dance with the sunlight
slipping through the trees
warming the skin and rippling the rivers
rushing to the seas

Gazing toward the unknown
feeling the thrill that makes the heart race
searching the night skies for a glimpse
of that ever elusive face
spinning and spiraling through stars
like a thousand eyes that sing
feeling the blood flowing
through pathways beyond everything

Sliding in to the hideaway that welcomes the light
and the flight of a friend
one can disappear and vanish into a night
that flows without end
A sweet fragrance drifts in the room
inviting one to have some fun
the spirit soars calling playfully
to come and follow the sun

Scattering soft kisses from laughing lips
of one forever young
creating beauty from a heart
full of visions still unsung
the lover changes in form and face
to create a rendezvous
sweeping us in heaven’s arms
always and forever new

Naomi Stone..

One Response to “Dear One”

  1. kiraelisabeth Says:

    Happy Spring Equinox-Happy New Year, Naomi!

    I’ve missed seeing your posts…this so ever so lovely.

    Blessings and Love’s Light,


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