the visionary voice of the womb

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the visionary voice of the womb

unknown voices await our hearing
creative listening is discovered
in revelations
pouring through the forgotten infusion
of the divine art of silence
the beguiling flow
of spirit
weaving its way gently
through the mystical forest
of intimacy
and the wondrous rhythms
of the heart
the pulsing whisper
of the womb
a glowing dimension of divine light
where life begins
a place created
to give birth to the highest insight
and indwelling expressions
of God
spinning out infinite thought forms
of life
in a quivering dance
inviting love
to open
and release the nurturing power
to bring it into being
to manifest
the beauty of the breath
of the Beloved
as the gentle dew of tears
from the spiritual mist
and gracefully slips
from an open heart
into a surrendering womb
giving birth to beauty
beyond all sight
an interior vision of love
so precious
no words could ever contain
the unseen love
that receives the kiss
that brings the breathless beauty
of the eternal
into being

Naomi Stone

One Response to “the visionary voice of the womb”

  1. Sandra Guevara Says:

    Wonderful, meaningful, moving.

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