Love goes before us to prepare the way

000- 0000. Jpg

I kneel in the sacred silence
within my own being….
and clear a space for the Beloved…

we go ahead to prepare a place
for the Spirit of Love..
pausing in the journey
to the soul
to rest
as we continue
on the pilgrimage
toward home

where it is natural
to be true to one’s self
and bring truth
to life like one’s child

to yield and allow beauty
the freedom to flow
and manifest
in the purity and clarity
of the living breath
of the Beloved…

the light of seeing
awaits our
and meets us
with the penetrating gaze
of beloved eyes
beholding us

the path spreads out before us
through the blazing fire of the sun
and beguiling smiles of a mystical moon
in the birth and dying
of the stars
among spinning planets
and glittering galaxies
stories told in constellations
we wander in the glowing whiteness
of the milky way
sliding along the silky golden rays
of the streaming sun
pouring out to light our way
guiding us
to that sweet infinity
within the sheltering heart
of the Beloved

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