divine secrets in the dawn

00  -  0002-24-GraceofAlpha

the silence of dawn
whispers me awake
igniting embers of light
within me….
arousing me to sing
of the Beloved
who has penetrated earth
and all life
stirring us to recall
the Source from which we came
to feel the deep joy
of the moment
of conception
when we burst into being
swirling into the arms
of belonging
to the depths
of the Beloved

You give birth
to our becoming
inviting us to dance
with you
in infinite ways
ever surprising
and delighting us
with divine beauty
hidden in the glow
of luminous
an embrace unseen
revealing the face
of love so pure
it is sheltered
in your eternal breathing
a soft breeze
of sweet remembering
the breath of life

00 Farschian o-metamorphosis-1984-27_5x19_75

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