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Wildflowers blossoming from the heart

July 25, 2013


She could hear the songs from the heart
slipping from the moon
flowing through his palms
moonflowers sprouted
from fingertips
and dripped from the quill
dipped in light
forming a garden
that fell from laughter
and grew from joy
flowering expressions of beauty
beyond all earthly touch

Spinning energy
filled the spaces between them
as he was weaving her
a glowing gown of stars
to cloak her luminous spirit
in silvery strands as fine
as her hair
as tender as the whispers
that moved between them

New galaxies appeared
and constellations formed
in the night sky
visions rising
from the unseen touch
of spirit
suddenly free
to create and express
a love unrestrained by time
or space

Without a sound
she vanished
into the eyes
and Heart
of the Beloved


Painting by Rassouli


July 24, 2013

Lovers[3] (1)

Lovers who surrender
into the fertile depth
of God
into the mystery
of a flowing
creation energy
an unknown and unseen
divine spirit
expressing Love
forever manifesting
in hidden ways
within all life
radiant light reaching
to invite and awaken hearts


Painting by Rassouli