divine light of spirit surrounding the heart

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divine light of spirit surrounding the heart

Beneath the sacred cover
of the night
of hidden kingdoms
in the patterns of moonlight playing
like errant sparks
tiny orbs of light
stars and blinking fireflies
dancing flames
the sudden flare
of souls
feeling the warm breath
of a whispering dance of intimacy
empowered by
a throbbing in the heart
touching…caressing….spilling secrets
in the trembling silence
of the pure embrace of dawn
the sweet scent of skin….mellow and warm
in the folds
and tender feeling of rumpled sheets
concealing a crowning
silky halo of flowing curls
nesting and resting
upon a sacred chest
of treasures
hiding a divine altar
pulsing with
tremulous rhythm
yielding in a quivering
surrender to a dewy dream
awakening the streaming misty vision
of flashing shadows and the first fingers of sunlight
swirling and rippling in the reflections
of the crimson wine of love
lips curving in silent smiles and sweet laughter
muffled in the melting alchemy
of souls
a transparency of communion
beneath the soft veil of eyelashes
blinking revelations
revealing a gaze that penetrates
through the hazy cloud of sweet sleepiness
awakening spirit
moving and guiding the senses
unseen and free to explore the secrets of pure love
that gives and gives and gives
deep within the sheltering satin of dawn
spilling the precious secrets
within the embrace of spiraling arms
of surrendering and dissolving
in the rising and falling glow
of cresting waves
of beauty
of the beloved


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