The mystifying beauty of wilderness



Wilderness exists not only in landscape

but swirling deep in the unknowns

within ourselves

wandering to the edge of time and place

we encounter grace 

that sweeps us beyond our knowing

and hurls us into feelings

that send us soaring to the moon and back

to bask in the rays of the sun

discover the silvery threads that invite us

to swing from star to star 

to touch the earth with the soles of our feet

feel the grass between our toes

to shed our clothes

to swim in the glory of a peaceful soul

delight in an open heart

to feel the sweet comfort of sheltering arms

and taste a kiss

from a thousand miles away

to play and sway in the gentle winds 

of the breath of God

to be

in the wilderness of love

that sets us free…..








One Response to “The mystifying beauty of wilderness”

  1. Ingrid Henzler Says:

    what to say…. what to add… your words Naomi I drink… nectar for my soul…. and I know…. this is The Truth…. the Truth beyond all outer form…. the Love beyond all time… the sweetest Joy we can perceive…. and it goes on and on……. but….. we have to follow the call…. thank you dear friend

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