The creative power of pure love


The creative power that rises in the night
in the wake of the moon
or in the moments just before
the light of the sun creates the dawn
is a wordless flow that melts and dissolves
the disguises we wear
the pointless chatter of the rational mind

It comes in an emptiness that feels a transparent uncoiling
energy spiraling toward expression
moving like a misty fog or curling colorless smoke
a cloud of spirit invisible to the eye
that silences the personality attached to the name
of the moment in time

It presses against the heart and penetrates the soul
steals the eyes and lips and hands
to guide a dance of elegance
a swirling galaxy of twirling spin
drawing us in
to the silken womb of the universe

Creation conceives itself and gives birth
to something so new
words cannot touch or describe
what comes rushing into existence
mingling with magnificence
a radiance of breathtaking innocence


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