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Gentleness of the Beloved

October 26, 2013

00 luminous light of spirit

Runaway thoughts
of a worrying mind
slowly steal
the joy
of the sacrament
of the present moment
filled with revelations
of the dance of life
when the earth
suddenly kneels
and lowers the curtain
on the miracles
of friendship and love..
the sigh of beauty
that comes
in the soft brush of blossoms
set free by a breeze..
a moment as intimate
as the breath
of the Beloved..
the glow of sunlight
on the face of a lover..
the curve of a smile
that shelters the secret
of being loved..
the sweetness of laughter
that flows between
souls embraced
by God


the thrill of creating

October 15, 2013


The Thrill of Creating

In the silence of morning before dawn

feeling the energy of the stream

of creating

as we continue to let beauty

have its way with us

flowing out to the world in such joyful ways

catching that elusive beauty

that flashes into view

along the edges of vision

not looking directly at it

but letting it slip by in the dream

or in the streaming silence

between waking and sleeping

or in the enchantment of music

flowing and dancing

in and out of awareness

like the face and form and color

appearing on a canvas

or on the screen in digital play

in the words that seem to arise

out of the whiteness

and purity of the page

or out of the dark skies of the mystic night

whispering to the open heart

kissing the open hand

that holds the brush or the pen

the dear ones are there

unseen and outside of time

waiting for us to be touched

by the one caressing and kissing

our eyes

coming to life in our soul


October 13, 2013


A whispering soul within my soul
awakens me in the
circling intimacy of the night,
the way a gentle wind
moves through the softness of evergreen.
A random thought swerves and scurries away,
knowing it is not welcome
in the true embrace of lovers.
The ear is cushioned next to the heart
to hear the rhythm and breathing of the other,
aligning with a breath that winds its way
around the moment like a silken song.
As birds rest their wings
in the sheltering scent of pine,
the spirit dissolves
into the answering sighs
of the saving warmth of love,
cradled in a hidden nest,
prepared from floating strands
of longing and desire.
The beloved waits for the open heart,
the surrendered soul, and the purity of love
aware it has been created
to offer the gift of innocence
to the flames of truth.
In sacred stillness, the sun seems to sing
as it creates a rising circle of fire
to protect such a union.

Oh hear my heart!

October 3, 2013


Oh hear my heart and carry my love to the Beloved!

the circle of freedom

October 3, 2013


the circle of freedom
is exhilarating
gently swirling
within my inner being
circling around me
moving through the beauty
of my soul
tenderly setting free
a deeper feeling
that sends me reeling
in the purity of love
that wants to give

invitation to live
the sweet truth and light
that spreads me
flowing across the sky
in silken threads
of spirit
opening my heart so wide
i draw you inside
the way the moon moves the tide
in gently rolling waves
of unfurling bliss
caressing and blessing
my soul
beneath a blushing sun

then rushing out to sea
you return
to the vanishing shore
of your own
generous heart


Send the Beloved to ease my heart….

October 3, 2013


When you hear my longing cries in the wind,
hold me close to the rhythm of your heart,
caress my heartstrings tenderly like a harp
creating sweet music beneath the moon.
With the reed resting upon your lips,
soothe me with the breath of your sighs
songs of love whispering through the trees
send them on the morning breeze.
O Friend! Send the Beloved to ease my heart.

A new dawn

October 3, 2013


A new dawn summons me to come
and behold the rising sun
splashing the face of the sky
with cleansing light
as the night slips away
vanishing from sight
the eyes of my soul
see far beyond the ring of fire
to the blue eyes of skies
brimming with peace
my heart opens
like the spreading purity
of wings
as soft rays of morning
surround my flight
sweeping me
into the secrets of silence


Come….come sip the wine of the fountain of life

October 3, 2013

Come…come sip the wine of the fountain of life….

How do I open the treasure chest of the heart
to entice you to dive into your own…

coaxing you to tumble down the vortex of love
like Alice falling into the metaphors of wonderland…

enticing you to breathe the fragrance in the mystical garden
of the sweetest sanctuary of belovedness

hearing the sweet cries of the nightingale
bewitched by the shimmering dew on the wild roses…

i stumble and fall into the spring of eternal youth
and meet the sound of laughter within my own heart…

come and play in the beauty letting the fireflies light the way
through the unknown creativity in your soul…

step out of your dreams into the enchanting stars
where the mystics sing and the free ones dance…

the pure spring of joy bubbles from the earth
waiting for you to sip the sparkling wine of love…


come to the garden 00  in the garden

painting: fountain of life
by rassouli….