A whispering soul within my soul
awakens me in the
circling intimacy of the night,
the way a gentle wind
moves through the softness of evergreen.
A random thought swerves and scurries away,
knowing it is not welcome
in the true embrace of lovers.
The ear is cushioned next to the heart
to hear the rhythm and breathing of the other,
aligning with a breath that winds its way
around the moment like a silken song.
As birds rest their wings
in the sheltering scent of pine,
the spirit dissolves
into the answering sighs
of the saving warmth of love,
cradled in a hidden nest,
prepared from floating strands
of longing and desire.
The beloved waits for the open heart,
the surrendered soul, and the purity of love
aware it has been created
to offer the gift of innocence
to the flames of truth.
In sacred stillness, the sun seems to sing
as it creates a rising circle of fire
to protect such a union.