the thrill of creating


The Thrill of Creating

In the silence of morning before dawn

feeling the energy of the stream

of creating

as we continue to let beauty

have its way with us

flowing out to the world in such joyful ways

catching that elusive beauty

that flashes into view

along the edges of vision

not looking directly at it

but letting it slip by in the dream

or in the streaming silence

between waking and sleeping

or in the enchantment of music

flowing and dancing

in and out of awareness

like the face and form and color

appearing on a canvas

or on the screen in digital play

in the words that seem to arise

out of the whiteness

and purity of the page

or out of the dark skies of the mystic night

whispering to the open heart

kissing the open hand

that holds the brush or the pen

the dear ones are there

unseen and outside of time

waiting for us to be touched

by the one caressing and kissing

our eyes

coming to life in our soul