The passion of the setting sun


The sun seemed reluctant
to leave the sky
hesitant to disappear
for a beloved was watching
and walking near

the sun began to dance
hurling fire
catching clouds for a ride
dripping flames beside
those feet
and that heart that comes
to meet the sun
at dusk and twilight
with love so sweet

photo3459  2

the sun goes wild
with solar flares
and shoots them high
to light the sky
a fiery climax to a day
of reigning glory

even the sun can fall
into radiant madness
when a beloved delights
in every move


All glory is thine

a voice shouts out

and laughter fills the air

the sun now forming wings

to glide beside him

turning his curls to gold


the sun tells the story
of love
with a sizzling kiss
and a shimmering smile
lighting the way
with wings of fire
that shine
in the night



Photos taken by Neeraj Pandey  in the Himalayas on a walk at twilight..