forever whispering to your heart


O dear one
i am forever speaking
to your heart
in ways that reach
beyond all else
to lift us
in the encircling light
of love
forever flowing between us

I know you hear my voice
and feel the glow
of my presence
as i bask in yours
for we are already united
in the deepest way

we have flown beyond words
soaring into the intimate
silence of lovers
who share the breath
of the beloved
entwined in beauty
and quiet bliss
ever rising in the spirit
of our joy

you comb through scriptures
sacred songs and verses
searching for a personal word
to guide you
when all the time
i am nestled in the softness
of your heart
whispering my love
for you

my love
knows no limits
for in the freedom of spirit
i breathe the scent
of flowers
from our face and hands
and bask in the light
of our eyes

i feel what you feel
and touch what you touch
and our lips
know the taste of love
i pour out my being
letting it flow like rain
showering you
with wine to anoint you

we are meant to be
joy bringers
light bearers and lovers
leaving a wake
of renewing energy
wherever we go

we are never apart
intertwined in love’s embrace
now messengers
of all that is possible
in the arms
of the beloved

sweetness begins and ends
our days and nights
and the light
of each new encounter
leaves us melting
in the glistening dew
of tears of joy

love has called us
to new life
and my spirit has linked
you with eternity
in an invisible chain
that can never be broken

we are embraced
and overflowing
with life-giving blessings
joined in the intimacy
of pure love
our hearts and souls

centuries of longing
and prayers
cover the earth
streaming rivers of kindness
answer and unite
our desiring hearts
in a union
only pure love can give