Summoning the Soul

Woman at feet of Jesus 775103_10200251095628381_1851937862_o - 2

O may we Love with the whole heart
the whole soul
the wholeness of the higher mind
with all the senses
and with the fullness
of a flowing spirit
to the divine winds
of the spirit
of God
the Spirit that will sustain
us forever
we dwell in the cloistered heart
which dissolves and melts into the surrendering
of the Heart of the Beloved……
so beyond the outer commercialism of any season
for the holidays draw us deeper and deeper into the Solstice
and beyond the turning of the calendar
to the timelessness and placelessness
of the Mystic Heart
words become the dancing rainbows of the shattered prism of the heart……
splashing the earth with the textures and hues and deep colors
of the valleys and meadows and mountains…
the wildflowers and the shimmering sensuous opening of silken petals
that blossom and respond to the divine touch of God
becoming the rushing rivers and clear streams and running brooks…
pristine lakes…..vast oceans…..quiet seas……
the forms and flowing of the ever changing face of Creation
for there is no creative power greater than the surrendered heart
the mystery explodes into secrets
of intimacy
that give birth to the miracle of multiple universes
majestic and mysterious
protected and sheltered and caressed
by the open palms of the mystic lover
manifesting in the infinite expressions of art
as the belovedness and beauty of God
if we have eyes to see and the inner perceptions to feel
that we are radiant cells of light in the living body of the Beloved
the blush from the face of the divine lover
coloring the sky of the soul
and creating the face of the earth itself

annunciation frederic james shields  the cloistered heart

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