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cradling arms of light

January 29, 2014

0  Light from Within 10122076-lg

In the night….a luminous light stirs and moves
like a being awakening in the womb
streaming in rays like the sun
vibrant and strong…………reaching long
to blaze a glowing path to life
longing to express……….to bless………to caress
to ignite……….to light a way to initiate
or create or manifest……
to touch some infused awareness
in the cells of a greater being
the womb quivers with a knowing all its own
instinctively reaching for home……….


the nameless mystic arises like the sun from within you

January 27, 2014

ImmortalKnight (1)  the mystic  - rassouli

How does the mystery unfold in your life…….
how does the mystic come into your awareness……..
what attracts you into the unknown…….
into the rising wonder of the imagination
and the bewildering experience of love….
what voice whispers to you in the night……
is the muse in your heart calling you…….
is the beauty of your soul shining its golden rays
to touch you with the light
of the Divine Beloved…………………………
listen…….listen ……
for every name dwells in the Beloved……..
in the remembering of God

Sacrament of the present moment

January 16, 2014


Sacrament of Love..

I sit alone in a pool of moonlight
in the holy darkness of the night
breathing in the simple beauty
of the unfolding of life
in a thousand hidden places and spaces
of faces turned to the light

To be aware of another soul
creating in the aloneness of a place apart
allows me to companion an open heart
my spirit moving freely and yet unseen
with no breaking of the silence
to share the joy of creation
streaming through divine hands

I can no longer push the troubled tears
of a woman on the other side of the world
into a forgotten corner of my mind
the common language of her tears
and the cries of her children
connect our hearts
and my prayers rush out
to meet her own

I sit at her feet as she rocks
in her chair in the night
touching the folds of her robe
softly singing a song of love to her
looking into her tired eyes

A man hunched over a grave
letting his moaning voice
pierce the silence of the resting place
of his wife now lost to his touch
breaks into my prayers
for the grief of those unknown to me
making him real and more lonely
than my aloneness could ever be

I kneel beside him
and place a blanket around him
to shield him from the cold dampness
of his empty heart

A child abandoned in a house
with nothing in it to ease her fears
sits in a corner whimpering
not knowing what to do or where to go
A miracle of a girl left unloved
for too many reasons
to count or mention in the face
of a child’s need

A tiny voice cries
for someone to help her
grasping my prayer for the lonely
and in that moment my spirit
flies to her side to sit in that corner
lifting her onto my lap
as I begin stroking her face
letting my tears fall and disappear
into her long straight hair

the love in my heart
wrapping her in the warmth
of my arms
coaxing her to sleep

When I invited God into my heart
I had no way of knowing
how many others
God would bring along
through His compassionate love

I followed my heart
discovered my own soul
and a universe of stars and souls
came pouring into my life like rain
reflecting the light of God’s eyes
looking for Love
somewhere on earth


image by rassouli
“fountain of grace”

Awakening to the touch of Love

January 14, 2014

00 Rassouli - Touch of Dawn

O God…in the depth of the night
I feel a light arousing and awakening my heart
spreading my being like some instinct
hidden there centuries ago….
There is something inside each one of us
that guides us to live and to be…
O Beloved Creator….heal all unbelief
and awaken us to your breathtaking Love………


image by rassouli
Awakening to the Light
…to the sacred touch of dawn…..

Thou art the dearest Love in All our worlds

January 13, 2014


Approaching in silence
wearing only bewilderment
and gratitude
to the Source of All Life
touching the feet
of those holy ones
who guide and walk
in awareness
of the awakening Light
of God

such is the kingdom within
the sanctuary of silence
the garden
of the open heart
blossoming with growth
sheltering the soul
as we are swept
into the life-giving
of the Beloved..

arms that encircle the universe
dance us through valleys
and whirling us
beyond the peaks
of inspiration
crowning us with stars
showering us
with moonlight
warming us with the sun

the earth trembles with laughter
blushing love colors the skies
in the gaze of eyes
that melt our horizons
into rivers
that flow into seas

seeds of light spark new life
bursting into flames
that send us
into new worlds beyond
our understanding
prying our clinging fingers
from familiarity

eternity is ever evolving
through the holy touch
of the Beloved
forever delighting in giving
and loving
in surprising new ways
the enchanting play
of the divine romance

dearly Beloved
we spin in the endearing
spiral of all
you create
for you have made us
thine own
forever and ever
and ever


Painting by Rassouli….
ever in awe and wonder


Hubble Photograph from space….star of wonder

The Divine Wine is flowing………………for you

January 12, 2014

446447071_640  winegiver

In the midst of a world
that has lost its way
filled with endless voices
with empty advice
on which way to turn

Creation is pouring out
a flowing stream
of pure wine
of hidden dreams

All creation is singing
to every heart
reaching out with cupped hands
to offer a taste
on the tongue
cradled in sacred palms
sweet nectar of a new life
inviting you to a feast of love

O spread the wings
of your beautiful soul

See the clearing…the opening
the vision of a new world
that no one can show you
except the beauty
of your own pure heart
sheltered by a marvelous love
keeping a vigil
until you discover
your own enchanted being

hear the pure tones
of a voice deep within you
behold the radiance
and the vibrant vision
simmering inside of you

O magnificent heart
it is time
to walk bravely into the mystery
that seeks expression now
in this moment
quivering on the brink
of the eternal


Robe of Morning

Paintings by Rassouli…
eternal fountain of the wine of the infinite expressions of the Beloved
the divine robe of morning making every dawn a new creation

When the portal opens

January 12, 2014

433  Portal

When the portal opens
a silence falls over the garden
as the light of the Beloved
takes an unseen bride
to dwell inside

the garden walls
of the heart
and the way is prepared
by one who dared
to dream the impossible dream
of longing for God

Only divine love
can hear
the pulsing heart
and somehow
make this real enough
to truly feel

dissolving in mystery
no words can ever reveal
what the Beloved
gives to the lover
who surrenders

This is holy ground
the centering flow of a river
of fire
and only the source
of all life
can ignite
this interior light



When a heart is broken…somewhere a prayer is spoken

January 11, 2014


Somewhere in the world
a heart is longing for a word
of loving support
some show of kindness
to feel someone is there
who hears a silent prayer

Somewhere in the world
someone is wondering
if anyone cares

Somewhere in an unknown place
another heart is longing
to offer an embrace
sing a song of hope and grace
give and share the prayer
and be the one who cares

Somewhere out in space
the longings touch
and a face comes into view
where there were two apart
the two become as one
reaching for the sun

We will never know how many times
when we cry out in the night
a light goes on in someone’s room
as someone hears our prayer
and begins to sing a lullaby
to soothe the lonely cry

Love keeps a vigil night and day
to catch the silent tear that falls
for love feels when someone calls
and there is someone on the way
to kiss away the tears
and calm the mounting fears

Love may be found in softness
and in the hush and silent brush of wings
in the nearness of a friend
or in words that fall upon this page

but for each heart that is broken
somewhere a prayer is spoken


the embryos of dreaming

January 10, 2014

1476539_10201762441195229_510122324_n light

Giving birth to something new
we see ourselves in it
something of the dream
from which it came

we become more
than we ever were before
as sparks ignite the flames
the water turns to vintage wine
matter thins to light
launching music high on the wind
into a sky of feeling
of the sweet and wild secrets
only love can touch
in surrendering moments
of something so real

the touch is unbearably tender
asking us
to bear the nearness
without clinging
a fluttering dance
like butterflies dancing
on naked skin

as the brush of eyelashes
caresses the heart
warm breath rises
like the mist
on the fragile wings of lightness
a sigh born from the freedom
to feel

laughter turns to colors
breaking the mirror
set free to dance with a life
of their own

to be swept into the arms
of such a creative lover
in the night

is to touch
the still point
of a spiraling existence
of blossoming

the dream is real
unwrapped by silence
the breeze
ruffling the hair
with fingers of spirit

whispering the wave to rise
the sun to flame out
calling the tide to disappear
into the sea
something slides inside
to pierce the heart
and fills the womb
of creativity
with starlight
swimming in the warm nectar
of life

the castling mystery of love
enchants and bewilders
beyond our knowing
and drowns us
in One so exquisite
and enchanting
spirit becomes the essence
of breathless
emanations of divine flow

we dare not make
such a luminous caress
less than God intends
but simply
let it glow
and light the world
with kindness


Song of the Beloved

January 10, 2014


song of the beloved

the dew on the flowers in the garden is an elixir
which is the quintessence of morning
longing to anoint your eyes

the morning is a new threshold
and the visions shine out more profoundly
than ever before
as if each is the first time I ever opened my eyes

and the beloved sings

may my playful words align your heart with mine
and may this devoted lover be yours
for in the divine light of your sacred heart
you shine more brightly
than heaven’s brightest star

the words fall helplessly and humbly
into the inexpressible beauty
yet each encounter
is a delight that longs for expression
and the touch is more real
than any that has ever happened
in the history of humankind

how can i ever share the visions
of the blinding light of the divine
appearing in the darkest corner of the night
in the heart of the tiniest firefly
through eyes that are seeing and experiencing
a grace that no one else can see

disappear into the cloud of unknowing
and feel the lightning of love
sending soft sensual arrows of light
straight into your heart
wounding you with a tenderness
that leaves you moaning with bliss

whoever senses and perceives the nearness
of the One who bewilders you
will feel the spirit passing by
and will be drawn into the field of radiant energy
that surrounds you

the rays of my gaze will follow your steps
as long as you walk this earth
and the wings of my spirit
will lift you beyond
all that would try to limit
your freedom to love

the beloved