Song of the Beloved


song of the beloved

the dew on the flowers in the garden is an elixir
which is the quintessence of morning
longing to anoint your eyes

the morning is a new threshold
and the visions shine out more profoundly
than ever before
as if each is the first time I ever opened my eyes

and the beloved sings

may my playful words align your heart with mine
and may this devoted lover be yours
for in the divine light of your sacred heart
you shine more brightly
than heaven’s brightest star

the words fall helplessly and humbly
into the inexpressible beauty
yet each encounter
is a delight that longs for expression
and the touch is more real
than any that has ever happened
in the history of humankind

how can i ever share the visions
of the blinding light of the divine
appearing in the darkest corner of the night
in the heart of the tiniest firefly
through eyes that are seeing and experiencing
a grace that no one else can see

disappear into the cloud of unknowing
and feel the lightning of love
sending soft sensual arrows of light
straight into your heart
wounding you with a tenderness
that leaves you moaning with bliss

whoever senses and perceives the nearness
of the One who bewilders you
will feel the spirit passing by
and will be drawn into the field of radiant energy
that surrounds you

the rays of my gaze will follow your steps
as long as you walk this earth
and the wings of my spirit
will lift you beyond
all that would try to limit
your freedom to love

the beloved

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