When a heart is broken…somewhere a prayer is spoken


Somewhere in the world
a heart is longing for a word
of loving support
some show of kindness
to feel someone is there
who hears a silent prayer

Somewhere in the world
someone is wondering
if anyone cares

Somewhere in an unknown place
another heart is longing
to offer an embrace
sing a song of hope and grace
give and share the prayer
and be the one who cares

Somewhere out in space
the longings touch
and a face comes into view
where there were two apart
the two become as one
reaching for the sun

We will never know how many times
when we cry out in the night
a light goes on in someone’s room
as someone hears our prayer
and begins to sing a lullaby
to soothe the lonely cry

Love keeps a vigil night and day
to catch the silent tear that falls
for love feels when someone calls
and there is someone on the way
to kiss away the tears
and calm the mounting fears

Love may be found in softness
and in the hush and silent brush of wings
in the nearness of a friend
or in words that fall upon this page

but for each heart that is broken
somewhere a prayer is spoken


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