The Divine Wine is flowing………………for you

446447071_640  winegiver

In the midst of a world
that has lost its way
filled with endless voices
with empty advice
on which way to turn

Creation is pouring out
a flowing stream
of pure wine
of hidden dreams

All creation is singing
to every heart
reaching out with cupped hands
to offer a taste
on the tongue
cradled in sacred palms
sweet nectar of a new life
inviting you to a feast of love

O spread the wings
of your beautiful soul

See the clearing…the opening
the vision of a new world
that no one can show you
except the beauty
of your own pure heart
sheltered by a marvelous love
keeping a vigil
until you discover
your own enchanted being

hear the pure tones
of a voice deep within you
behold the radiance
and the vibrant vision
simmering inside of you

O magnificent heart
it is time
to walk bravely into the mystery
that seeks expression now
in this moment
quivering on the brink
of the eternal


Robe of Morning

Paintings by Rassouli…
eternal fountain of the wine of the infinite expressions of the Beloved
the divine robe of morning making every dawn a new creation

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