Thou art the dearest Love in All our worlds


Approaching in silence
wearing only bewilderment
and gratitude
to the Source of All Life
touching the feet
of those holy ones
who guide and walk
in awareness
of the awakening Light
of God

such is the kingdom within
the sanctuary of silence
the garden
of the open heart
blossoming with growth
sheltering the soul
as we are swept
into the life-giving
of the Beloved..

arms that encircle the universe
dance us through valleys
and whirling us
beyond the peaks
of inspiration
crowning us with stars
showering us
with moonlight
warming us with the sun

the earth trembles with laughter
blushing love colors the skies
in the gaze of eyes
that melt our horizons
into rivers
that flow into seas

seeds of light spark new life
bursting into flames
that send us
into new worlds beyond
our understanding
prying our clinging fingers
from familiarity

eternity is ever evolving
through the holy touch
of the Beloved
forever delighting in giving
and loving
in surprising new ways
the enchanting play
of the divine romance

dearly Beloved
we spin in the endearing
spiral of all
you create
for you have made us
thine own
forever and ever
and ever


Painting by Rassouli….
ever in awe and wonder


Hubble Photograph from space….star of wonder

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