Sacrament of the present moment


Sacrament of Love..

I sit alone in a pool of moonlight
in the holy darkness of the night
breathing in the simple beauty
of the unfolding of life
in a thousand hidden places and spaces
of faces turned to the light

To be aware of another soul
creating in the aloneness of a place apart
allows me to companion an open heart
my spirit moving freely and yet unseen
with no breaking of the silence
to share the joy of creation
streaming through divine hands

I can no longer push the troubled tears
of a woman on the other side of the world
into a forgotten corner of my mind
the common language of her tears
and the cries of her children
connect our hearts
and my prayers rush out
to meet her own

I sit at her feet as she rocks
in her chair in the night
touching the folds of her robe
softly singing a song of love to her
looking into her tired eyes

A man hunched over a grave
letting his moaning voice
pierce the silence of the resting place
of his wife now lost to his touch
breaks into my prayers
for the grief of those unknown to me
making him real and more lonely
than my aloneness could ever be

I kneel beside him
and place a blanket around him
to shield him from the cold dampness
of his empty heart

A child abandoned in a house
with nothing in it to ease her fears
sits in a corner whimpering
not knowing what to do or where to go
A miracle of a girl left unloved
for too many reasons
to count or mention in the face
of a child’s need

A tiny voice cries
for someone to help her
grasping my prayer for the lonely
and in that moment my spirit
flies to her side to sit in that corner
lifting her onto my lap
as I begin stroking her face
letting my tears fall and disappear
into her long straight hair

the love in my heart
wrapping her in the warmth
of my arms
coaxing her to sleep

When I invited God into my heart
I had no way of knowing
how many others
God would bring along
through His compassionate love

I followed my heart
discovered my own soul
and a universe of stars and souls
came pouring into my life like rain
reflecting the light of God’s eyes
looking for Love
somewhere on earth


image by rassouli
“fountain of grace”

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