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the innocence of morning

February 25, 2014

00  98-16-Surrendering

Oh…the precious silence of these early hours
softly arousing sleepy wildflowers
the Beloved bids my soul to rise
drawing me beyond my eyes
a spinning flight
into glowing light of inner sight

the sacred touch of spirit

February 23, 2014

894758_10203048853690584_449320431_o   Ingrid   - Mystical Presence

the touch of spirit
is empowered
by faith and longing
………by heartfelt love…
soulful devotion…
by a mystery infused
by divine grace..
a transforming alchemy
that moves us beyond
what we can truly explain
in words…
kindling the flame
and hope
of creative vision…
and inspiration…


image by Ingrid Henzler

flow of living water

February 22, 2014

flow of living water

Breathe us into life through thy breath….O God.
May we flow in the purity of living water
showering in the light of thy infinite Love
Make us thine own now and forever

flow of living water
feel a deep silence before this image…
something quite magnificent
in the beauty
..and the gift of water….
in such abundance..
necessary for all life…
thrilling sight…

come to the garden 00  in the garden

image of water from national geographic
painting by rassouli
“fountain of grace”

Breath of Silence

February 22, 2014

995804_602515853161084_1622661476_n  hummingbird

~ The Breath of Silence..

The heart hovers
like the quivering blur
of the hummingbird
sensing sweetness
in the blossom softly opening
to the light
the innocence of the flower
lays itself open
to the warmth
of the sun
as some divinely given instinct
summons the seeker
in flashing colors
waiting and watching
in the stunning vision
of whirring wings
to taste the virgin freshness
of the heart of beauty
both yield to their destiny
in the freshness of dew
at dawn
giving and sharing
the holy essence of communion

~ Naomi Stone ~

spirit rising lighter than air

February 11, 2014

000  Hidden Spirit

Deep beneath the cover of the dark flowing waves of night
i touch the Source of a guiding light
a light that guides me in a flight
beyond anything i could ever hope to write
or even find an image that might
create within the range of human sight

i dive deep into the living womb where life begins
where the air vanishes and thins
an altitude where only the divine lives
and lovingly gives
sharing the breath of generosity
allowing a space for the grace of diversity

now flowing from a Source unseen
transforming the earth with a glowing sheen
vibrant and breathlessly alive
where the purity of love can truly survive
the whispering song of life is streaming
cradled in the soft and gentle sway of dreaming

spirit slips through the barriers of form
a rising embrace invisibly warm
billowing wings enfolding everything
as every heart begins to sing
feeling the gentle winds of a sacred call
a divine breath that summons all


0 - Veil of Mystery

A Cosmic Love

February 9, 2014


A Cosmic Love

Your heart is calling you toward
a cosmic love
a spiraling dance of longing
to know the beauty
of the light within you

The energy of color and movement
from your own seeking
leaving a trail of light
from the flight of your spirit
guiding you into depths
of love still unknown to you

Love is reaching
to come into being
and create through all that you are
for the wonder and wholeness
of the universe
is a mirror of the Source
of beauty from which
we all have come

Surrender to the belovedness
seeking you
and fall into love
feel the mystical tides
of your soul
inviting you into the arms
of the friend
within your heart
searching and waiting
for your awakening
since the dawning of creation…

Fly into the arms
of the enchanting embrace
of pure love
feel the breath of beholding
caressing and awakening
every cell

Let the glowing essence
of the light of spirit guide you
on a journey
deep into the beauty
only the eyes of the beloved
within you can see

Create a garden of glory
woven from the cosmic sanctuary
of all dreaming and imagining

Sip from the well
of the spring of inner joy
flowing to express and create
something new and alive
that could only happen
through you
and all that you are becoming

The beloved is you
wonderfully made to share
in fashioning a new existence
a world of many gardens
for we are
a cosmic family
of compassion and caring
welcoming all


the art of living and creating your life

February 1, 2014

00  Rachana Yoga   (Creation Energy)

….in the depths of the unknown
hovering secrets….suspended in our unbelief
wait to be discovered
to be clothed in the imagination
or in the streaming dreams
that sprout wings
in the gentle night
of all that is still unseen

can we pluck a vision
from the tree of life
and charm
the world to believe
its true

are we able to frighten
the innocent
to bend to our will
and claim the power
over life itself

a holy moment brushes the sky
with the blush of wine
granting us communion
with the divine

i lovingly bow
to the possibilities
and lovingly touch
your feet
with reverence
and hope
in the purity
and sacred silence
of this early morning light

Woman at feet of Jesus 775103_10200251095628381_1851937862_o - 2