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pinnacle of prayer

March 24, 2014

Rassouli - Sea of Serenity

The presence of the Beloved
is the pinnacle and rising answer
to all prayer
Each morning when I sit quietly
and open my heart to my God
I feel the Silence surrounding me
tenderly sliding a morning breeze
around my shoulders
softly brushing my lips..
a deep feeling of love slips
into the sanctuary of my soul
prayer becomes a Joy ..
soaring beyond words
for pure love carries
its own promise
of presence
whatever comes…..


the play of the beloved…..

March 23, 2014

the play of the beloved

stars keep slipping from the skies
writing messages with light

have you watched a falling star……to see where it falls

the spirit settles lightly in my palm

1620419_10203422899921172_295794368_n  spirit in my hand
and touches my heart in the night

welcoming butterflies l_691553112c35427494aaf98e26b17afa

fluttering wings……of light

feathering flight of doves…

flight  -Untitled2MA19540031-0001

how creatively the Beloved loves…

blossoms nestling in my hair


the scent of flowers in the air…

sweet love changing the seasons

spinning the hands of my clocks…bewildering time

O how playfully thou art loving me….

how beautifully….


spreading the wings of the Soul

March 21, 2014

00 01-04-GatewaytoEternity

O my Beloved spreading the wings of the Soul
you glide into my heart with a glance
knowing the secrets of my deep longing
this piercing awareness that your existence
permeates everything upon this earth
as the heavens tell your story in the skies
for there is nowhere you are not my love
my very life clings tenaciously to the breeze
your gentle fingers like spring ruffling my hair
caressed by the soft sigh of your every breath
bringing the glory of the seasons of love..

the song of morning

March 20, 2014


Perhaps the dawn is but the radiant light
spilling from my Beloved’s eyes,
coloring the skies with love,
and I have passed the night safely
in the grace of a sheltering embrace,
the darkness gentled by moonlight to give me rest,
the Beloved keeping a sweet vigil of peace
as I align with the pulsing rhythm
of a greater heart, feeling the warmth of loving care
having the faith to know thy spirit is there.
Nestling in the harbor of your arms to await
the whispering song of morning love.

endlessly creating…..

March 15, 2014


endlessly creating

And the Creator brushes
the sky with Light
combing the long silvery strands
of silken hair
touched by the moon
into the Universe
with gentle fingers
open palms
warming the world
with love
that gives new life
to spacelessness

God humanizes
the stark beauty
the pristine silence
and coaxes
the color and light
into form
giving birth
to belovedness

trembling breath
as a whispering heart
awakens in divine arms
in deep wonder
and innocence

we flow into life
being created
moment by moment by moment


Creation of the World – Painted by Ivan Aivazovsky

A moment of sharing

March 14, 2014

Alasdair Urquhart

Tides of Love and Gratitude

A wonderful video of an artist from England
reading his poem by the ocean………
felt moved to share it with you…
such a meditation..

Alasdair-Urquhart-Solstice-Fire-1857637 (1)

One of his paintings I love
Solstice Fire
Where the water breaks against the rocks and touches the sun