Resplendence in the heavens this night

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painting and writing
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Such resplendence in the heavens this night as an influence
profound reborn in time and honoured fashion opens us to
illimitable passions as this glorious symbol of the Mother
born touches our hearts through her magnificent form
and her brilliant rays with their timeless ways so
enchant us into a silvered space as mystery
prevails on this pale cool night of waxing
magic and ethereal delight so revealing
to us a phantom figure gliding into a
shimmering dawn as she moves in
haunting pilgrimage this hallowed
morn over hill and glade so
exquisitely borne to gently
mirror the moons true grace
through all the heavens to find
our hearts with quickening spirit
so gracefully impart her infinitely
alchemical ways and subtlest arts..Au

Moon light Over Iona

“Such mystery lies cloaked within thy ancient form speaking
of alchemies lived yet for eons unknown an ineluctable grace
in timeless alchemy waits upon this Island wonder whose
sacred allure calls many to wander with pilgrim’s feet in
reverent search for the ancient mysteries still held in
wait for knowing souls to divine and reveal in the
fullness of celestial time as willing souls journey
to give votive offering to thy sacred nature we
in this eternal moment do stand totemic still
illumined by a wondrous full moon brilliant
on sacred silvered sands lapped by indigo
lustred waters becalmed so still such a
perfect mirror to reflect and hold the
pristine orb that we behold so
scintillantly pulsing through an
infinite sky radiating eternal energies as
moonbeams of vitalizing light which dance
absorbed within our receptive beings as the
essence of this hallowed place combines in a
sacred union returning us to oneness grace
in sublime surrender to all divinely infinite
healing ways..”Au

May you dear pilgrim ever grow in sacred
wonder of our divinely infinite ways…

Grace and Gratitude