Love dissolves all distance

images (7)  deep space Sometimes I wander the hills of Ireland with Irish mystic, John O’Donohue, listen to the poetry of his soul, the imagination of his mind, and the beauty of his heart, or follow a photographer who braves the wilderness to catch photographs of rare moments I would not otherwise see, or I enter an artist’s images and feel the colors and forms and feelings of their encounter with the act of creating from the well within. I feel the spirit of the mystics of other centuries like Hafiz and Rumi and delight in their sharing….which lives in a vibrant energy still playing in the wind. It is that which bursts into life when we are present with an open heart that attracts us. Love dissolves the distance. I listen to rhythms and music of the universe in infinite forms. Such a symphony of life is all around us! When I open to God in the way I experience the Allness of Divine Spirit…and the energies of Creation….as the Beloved….I am trembling on the brink of All that exists and feel the flow of Presence…..that is never still…an enveloping gentleness……….a caressing transparency…..a fresh and cleansing breeze ……….the brush of intimacy in a breath of nearness…..the warm whispering from unseen lips…. something new hovering in the horizon of the unseen…..ready to burst into being.. like the birth of a star……..the moon smiles……i hear laughter…or feel a sudden falling rain……or it snows on new spring growth…..bewildering beauty from a playful creator….i dare to say it is relationship that bridges heaven and earth…divine and human………and spirit and form……..excited and ignited by love…. Dare to cross the threshold of the unknown and spiral into the embrace of the living God…. N.

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