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Love’s Wingless Flight

June 4, 2014


Love’s Wingless Flight

Clinging to the remnants
of the world’s demands
to belong
keeping a white knuckle grip
on an identity
that was slipping away
trying to hold
the tension
of a profile
of who i used to be

my fingers slipped free
as i went spiraling
into spacelessness
ascending in
a wondrous wingless flight of joy
into the lightness of being
that rises to the top
when everything else
falls away
dissolving and melting
rising like the mist
on the river
when the coolness of night
is warmed
by the rays of the sun

in the pure winds of dawn
radiant light
gliding on the sweet breeze
of breath
slipping from the lips
of a beloved
now a nameless being
swept from sight
in the sheltering
bliss of an eternal kiss

scattering music
of smiles and laughter
leaving silken trails
spun from the whispers of lovers
i crossed the threshold
into a hidden garden

feasting on the fruits
of love
sipping vintage wine
dripping from
the succulent grapes
ripe on the vine

drinking deeply
from the open palms
of pure love